Frammenti di una tragedia familiare: conflitti generazionali nel 'Fetonte' di Euripide


Among the surviving fragments of Euripides’ Phaethon, there are some gnomic and sententious that the scholars have attributed to the agonal scene of the tragedy: the frr. 775-775a-776-777 K. Submitting to a new critical and exegetical analysis these brief fragments, firstly the paper aims to investigate and to define, where available, the topics of the contention between Merops and Phaethon - in particular Phaethon’s reluctance to marry and Merops’ yearning for wealth - and then the character traits of the contenders. Secondly, from a broader perspective, the paper proposes to examine the fragmentary traces of a generational conflict between father and son, old and young, recurring theme in Euripidean drama and peculiar in Phaethon’s domestic tragedy.

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Euripides; Phaethon; fragmentary tragedy; domestic drama; familiar conflicts

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