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Knowledge transfer into a system design process: the case study of “S(P)EEDKITS - rapid deployable kits as seeds of self-recovery”.


This contribution presents the case study of S(P)EEDKITS, a four-year collaborative research project co-funded within the Seventh Framework Programme, activity: Security (SEC-2011.4.2-3, grant agreement no. 284931). The project involved 15 European partners including humanitarian organizations, research centers, academia and private enterprises, for the development of rapid deployable, modular and lightweight kits toimplementthe Emergency Response Units (ERUs) already in use by humanitarian organizations for emergency response.

This article focuses on the knowledge transfer in a systemic design process, with a multidisciplinary and horizontal approach. The paper goes through in particular the activities carried out by the Politecnico di Milano, which was directly committed in the design of packaging and modularity of the ERUs.

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