No 10 (2018) - In Press


- Helen Kopnina, Should justice for people come before justice for the environment? Engaging students in debates about environmental justice. (PDF)

- Leslie Sklair, The Anthropocene Media Project. Mass Media on Human Impacts on the Earth System. (PDF)

- Alba L’Astorina, Caterina Bergami, Domenico D’Alelio, Emanuela Dattolo, Alessandra Pugnetti, What is at stake for scientists when communicating ecology? Insight from the informal communication initiative “Cammini LTER”.  (PDF)

- Giulia Rossi, Martin Dodman, The Contribution of the Capability Approach to the Understanding of Young People’s Sustainability Engagement as a Positive Developmental Outcome. (PDF)

- Maria Rosaria Vadrucci, Floriana Vitale, Maria Teresa Duggento, Caterina Alberani, Aurora Calò, Giorgia Giancane, Beatrice Barbara Rizzelli, Syria Schipa, Roberto Visconti, If Dante had known Phytoplankton. A comparison between literature and science through the didactics of metaphors. (PDF)


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