Ciceroniana On Line IV, 1, 2020

INDEX   GIOVANNA GARBARINO (1939-2020) In Memoriam 7
A. BALBO, Humanitas Tulliana per leggere il mondo: per Giovanna Garbarino ad futuram memoriam 9
C. LÉVY, Un souvenir personnel 13
Articles Articoli 15
A. CORBEILL, How not to Write like Cicero: Pridie quam in exilium iret oratio 17
V. REVELLO, Da San Daniele a : il viaggio di sola andata di Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Rehdigerianus 67 (Luc., Tim., part. or.) 37
V.S. TOMELLERI, Esuli e dissidenti: Cicerone come modello del principe A.M. Kurbskij 85
C. GANDINI, Ritratto di uno stereotipo? Cicerone poeta e critico di poesia nelle antologie per la scuola di Giovanni Pascoli 119
Intellectual Life at Rome and Beyond 155
C. ROVER, La polemica antiscettica nel IV libro di Lucrezio. Un eco antiochea? 157
P. KELLY, A Patchwork of Passages: On the Nature of Imitation in Galileo s Alphabet and Painting Metaphors 185
Comptes rendus Recensioni 205
C. SCHWAMEIS, Cicero praetura (Verr. 2, 2). Einleitung und Kommentar (S. ROZZI) 207
CICERONE, Orazione sul comando di Pompeo (De imperio Cn. Pompei), introduzione di G. BALDO, a cura di T. RICCHIERI (F. BELLORIO) 211
B. STRAUMANN, Crisis and Constitutionalism. Roman Political Thought from the Fall of the Republic to the Age of Revolution M.C. ALEXANDER, Roman Amoralism Reconsidered. The Political Culture of the Roman Republic and Historians in an Era of Disillusionment (E. MALASPINA) 218
TITO LIVIO, La Morte di Cicerone (Libro CXX), a cura di M. LENTANO (G. MARTINO PICCOLINO) 222
F. GASTI, La letteratura tardolatina. Un profilo storico (R. D'AMANTI) 225
S. STUCCHI, Come il latino ci salva la vita (A. CROTTO) 228
F. BELLORIO, A. CROTTO, A. GIACOBBE, E. MENGA, In ricordo di Felicita PORTALUPI (1924-2019) 233
Bulletin bibliographique Bollettino bibliografico (S. ROZZI) 239
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Current Issue

Vol 4 No 1 (2020)
COL 2020, 4, 2

A Journal of Roman Thought
Peer-reviewed scientific review (ISSN 2532-5353)
Revue de la Société internationale des Amis de Cicéron
et du Centre d’Études Cicéroniennes
Rivista della Società Internazionale degli Amici di Cicerone
e del Centro di Studi Ciceroniani
Nouvelle Série – Nuova Serie Volume IV, 1, 2020

Published: 2020-07-02
  • Ermanno Malaspina, EM, Stefano Rozzi, SR, Fabio Bellorio, FB, Giovanna Martino Piccolino, GM, Riccardo D'Amanti, RDA, Alberto Crotto, AC, Alberto Giacobbe, AG, Eva Menga, EM
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CICERONIANA ON LINE (COL) is a biannual digital journal; its two issues each year are considered part of a single volume, but are given separate numeration (e.g. 2015.1 or 2015.2). It is edited jointly by SIAC (Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron ( and by the CSC (Centro di Studi Ciceroniani in Rome) and welcomes submissions on Cicero, as well as on topics that fall in the category of Roman Thought.  

Papers from all disciplines and approaches are accepted; these may include philology, linguistics, literary history, exegesis, rhetoric, source-criticism (Quellenforschung), philosophy, archaeology and art history, history, prosopography, religious studies, psychology, allusion and intertextuality, genre studies, gender studies, anthropology, reception, didactics, new media, digitalization etc.

As of 2020, the Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron as launched a collaboration with UGO NESPOLO, an artist who works across a variety of media. Nespolo is an artist whose polemical interventions and constant focus on the moral and intellectual integrity of contemporary art have made him “stand out from the crowd”, to borrow his expression. His work is characterised by lively effects, folk and distinctive, rooted in a profound engagement with humanistic culture. The artist has already lent «COL» his expertise, producing a dynamic and modern re-interpretation of the well-known bust of Cicero from the Capitoline Museum – an illustration that as of 2020 will appear in the journal’s title page.