Per l'interpretazione di un verso ciceroniano (26 Mor.)

  • Alfonso Traina Università di Bologna


The article discusses verse 26 Mor. = 23 Traglia of the first book of De divinatione ('tertia te Phtiae tempestas laeta locabit'). Cicero's hexameter is a translation of Il. 9, 363, a verse also taken up by Plato (Crit. 44 B). 

The author focuses on the translation of the term tempestas, coming to the conclusion that it is an archaic equivalent of tempus (it also appears with the same meaning in the Twelve Tables). He also notes that, in order to write the verse, Cicero draws on the style of the carmina to transport in Latin the religiosity of the Platonic text.


[Sara Busceti, Stefano Pellegrin, A.S.L. 2022 Liceo Cavour Torino]


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Alfonso Traina, Università di Bologna
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