Towards a Critical Edition of Cicero’s De natura deorum

A Proposal for Codification Using the EVT Visualisation Tool

  • Eva Menga, EM Università di Torino


This article discusses the establishment of a digital edition of Cicero’s De natura deorum. It examines nine recentiores manuscripts and three other manuscripts that serve as progenitors of the recentior tradition. The digital edition was written using the XML-TEI language, and the EVT software (Edition Visualization Technology) was used for visualization. In this framework, I show examples of the encoding of some apparatus entries and their visualization on the web. In addition, I analyse encoding and visualisation problems, such as overlapping variants. The overall aim of this study is to test the EVT software in a novel context, as it has never been used on classical texts with such a complex tradition as
the De natura deorum.


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Author Biography

Eva Menga, EM, Università di Torino

Eva Menga si diploma al liceo classico "San Nilo" di Rossano (CS) e prosegue gli studi in Lettere all’Università degli studi di Torino, specializzandosi in Filologia, Letterature e Storia dell’Antichità con attenzione alla
filologia digitale.

How to Cite
Menga, E. (2021). Towards a Critical Edition of Cicero’s De natura deorum. Ciceroniana on Line, 5(2), 313-338.

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