Il sublime matematico: sentimento d'infinito ai confini della ragione kantiana

  • Ludovica Conti Università di Torino


The aim of the article is to reinterpret those pages that Kant dedicated to the mathematical
sublime, connecting it to the concept of actual infinity.
An assumption of the analysis is the certainty that, by including a yearning for entirety, the
noumenic destination of Kant’s reason inherit the dimension of actual infinity that has been
refuted by the coeval science.
In Aesthetics, the sublime sinks within the critical exceptionality of a feeling, which is the same
suprasensible ambition to the concept of actual infinity, which was analogically devised within
the theoretical ideas and shown in practical determination. The sublime judgement reflexively
states the noumenic excess compared to the dominion that has been potentially explored by the
senses, while it remains in its sentimental component an “appendix” to the system of reason.


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