Ímpetu canónico y divisa crítica: un itinerario de literaturas comparadas en América Latina

  • Marcela Croce Universidad de Buenos Aires
Parole chiave: Comparative Literature, Latin American Theory and Criticism, Latin American Literary Canon


The article postulates a tour on Latin American culture that begins in the resistance of Haitian slaves against French power, which is the independent and republican model established in the 19th century on continental countries. From this vocation to resistance, this paper comes to terms with postcolonial theory and its aim to establish a model study for Latin America, based on metropolitan patterns, relegating literary production to “testimony” or “non-fiction”, restating in this field the international division of labour existing on the economic and political level. In order to oppose the imperial labels imposed on the continent, the last segment of the paper deals with the emergence of a Latin American canon, underlying its most productive alternatives.


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Biografia autore

Marcela Croce, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Profesora Regular de Problemas de Literatura Latinoamericana / Departamento de Letras (UBA)