“O neghi il tempo o ne sei negato”. Fotografia e dualismo in “Autopsia dell’ossessione” di Walter Siti

  • Silvia Cucchi
Parole chiave: Photography, Kitsch, Dualism, Temporality, Obsession, Reality, Novel, Mimetic Theory


In the present article, I aim to analyze the relationship between photography, temporality and desire in Walter Siti’s Autopsia dell’ossessione. In this work, for the first time, the language of photography is so extensively present within the narration, that it becomes one of the structural elements of the novel. After framing the central role of photography in the representation of the protagonist’s erotic obsession, I will focus on how this artistic practice interacts with the narration and its temporality, particularly in relation with memory. In fact, the interplay among these different dimensions contributes to express one of the central features of Walter Siti’s writing: the dualistic opposition between Absolute and reality.


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Percorsi | Photographs, Narrative, and Metanarrative