Senso e funzioni della fotografia nella poesia verbo-visiva

  • Federico Fastelli Università di Firenze
Parole chiave: Phototexts, Neo-Avant-Gard, Gruppo 70, Visual Poetry, Visual Studies.


The essay analyses the essential role of photography in Visual Poetry experimentation, with specific reference to the European context. It aims to exemplify the complexity and aesthetic relevance of this kind of works within the twentieth-century phototexts. It also studies the relations between Visual Poetry and the methodological acquisitions of visual culture studies. In this sense, a paradigmatic sampling of authors (L. Pignotti, L. Ori, E. Miccini, L. Marcucci) is proposed. In them, photography represents, through a constant dialectic with verbal language and pictorial sign, a construction that is a sort of interlingua or super-language to be opposed to advertising.


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