Utopian and Dystopian Meals: Food Art, Gastropolitics and the Anthropocene

Parole chiave: Food Art, Anthropocene, Gastropolitics, Extinction, Alternative Food


The exploration of alternative foodscapes is a clear attempt at re-localizing food in contrast with agro-industrial globalization and its environmental, economic and social unsustainability. Art has dramatically contributed with speculations on what has been called “survival food”. This paper analyzes three case studies: “The Next Menu”, a gastronomical art project designed to imagine a future supper and explore new or overlooked sources of nutrition to respond to climate change constraints; the “De-Extinction Dinner” by the Center for the Genomic Gastronomy, an experiment in cross-pollination of amateur science with multimedia art; Dana Sherwood’s work involving decadent cakes to feed non-human animals with the purpose to understand interspecies relations.


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Biografia autore

Daniela Fargione, Università di Torino

Assistant Professor / Ricercatore

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici