Fabbrica e “paesaggio culturale” nel cinema industriale biellese

Identità nazionale e memoria del luogo nei film del distretto tessile e laniero più antico d’Italia

  • Teresa Biondi Università degli Studi di Torino
Parole chiave: Industrial Cinema, Cultural Landscape, National Identity, Made in Italy, Economic Boom


The industrial cinema of Biella, even in its small production of works, constitutes an interesting case study. On the one hand, for having enriched the history of Italian national cinema – thanks to the rediscovery of works unknown to the general public since they are still preserved in the archives of local industrialists; on the other hand, and above all, it is interesting in the perspective of the study of the transformations of both local landscape (natural transformation) and the related "historical-cultural landscape" (anthropic transformation) produced over time by the contextual and multi-perspective activities. This study outlines a complex psycho-socio-anthropological framework that is reflected in these works, both directly and indirectly, in different ways, starting with the impact of the historical period and the film language of the time.


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Focus | Metamorfosi di un paesaggio