Le vie della poiesis

  • Elio Franzini Università di Milano
Parole chiave: Beauty, Politics, Public Space, Poiesis, Modernity, Dialogue


The essay proposes an itinerary into the political root of beauty. From Plato, the idea of beauty is not only metaphysical, but also aesthetic and always manifests its political root. The article considers the beauty’s public space in Vitruvius and Alberti, passing through three models of the city, namely Humanistic, Baconian and Baudlerian. Hence, the idea of beauty is a constant variation on the theme and a general noun of a project path. Beauty manifests its qualitative dialectic, without synthesis, in which its dialogicity can be saved as long as Modernity does not lose its memory and tradition. Following some Valéry’s remarks, the article exhorts to find the idea of classicality in Modernity: remembering the platonic idea of kosmos, it means to make beauty not only abstractly philosophical, but also political.


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