Crisi e rigenerazione urbana nella Milano contemporanea

  • Giorgio Bigatti Università Bocconi, Milano
Parole chiave: Milan, Gentrification, Industrial Cities, Urban Metamorphosis, Deindustrialization


Milan is no longer an industrial city. This paper traces the story of a once industrial city that never truly was a place solely made of factories. The paper focuses on the final decades of the 20th-century, when, one by one, all the large factories closed, leaving a scar behind their disappearance, a social trauma that caused the disintegration of the working class, which had been an important component of Milan’s population till then. That event symbolizes the beginning of a drastic urban metamorphosis. This was a process that has left deep marks in the urban fabric itself, marks that the city of Milan only recently started to metabolize. This happened thanks to the development of a modern tertiary sector followed by urban regeneration and gentrification processes, mainly led by the interests of large real estates.


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