Kierkegaard e la possibilità di un tragico moderno

  • Nicola Ramazzotto Università di Pisa
Parole chiave: Kierkegaard, Tragic, Modernity, Christianity, Hegel


In this article I will question the possibility, from a Kierkegaardian perspective, of a modern tragedy. To do so, I will analyse the Kierkegaardian essay entitled The Reflection of Ancient Tragedy into Modern Tragedy. The text will be divided into three parts: in the first part the historical, metaphysical and political assumptions are studied so that the tragic can be given; in the second part the harangue that the author makes to his listeners will be analysed; in the third part the Kierkegaardian rewriting of the Antigone will be read. In the course of the argument the similarities between Hegel and Kierkegaard on the tragic will be explained. In conclusion, the relationship that exists, according to Kierkegaard, between tragedy, religion and modernity will be briefly explained.


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