« Halte-là la musique / par ici les chansons »

André Salmon sur les airs de son époque

  • Jacqueline Gojard Université Paris III
  • Alessandro Maras Università “La Sapienza”, Roma
Parole chiave: Song, Diaghilev, Poetry, Apollinaire, Salmon, Music


This article has two parts. In the first, Jacqueline Gojard studies the privileged relationship between poetry and song in the life and work of André Salmon (1881-1969). In the second, Alessandro Maras analyses the relationship between this poet and art music. Although he lived in a time of great musical revolutions, Salmon seems to have had nothing to do with the world of Stravinsky and Debussy, thus confirming and making explicit the attitude of many artists and poets in the context of the aesthetic paradigm shift between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


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