André Salmon à la confluence de la littérature et du journalisme

Du « lyrisme du quotidien » au poème-reportage

  • Maria Dario Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia
Parole chiave: André Salmon, XXth century Poetry, Reportage, Press


This article aims to study the creative interferences between the newspaper, considered as an aesthetical model, a textual support and a media vehicle and André Salmon poetic work’s from Les Féeries (1907) to the after war poetical cycle (Prikaz, L’Age de l’Humanité, Peindre). After having sketched out the features of “lyrisme du quotidien” conceived in the first phase of his poetic work, I will focus more specifically on the great post-war epics, where Salmon develops a new poetic form, the “poem-reportage”, capable of expressing “le climat instable de l’inquiétude universelle”. The poème-reportage proposes a redefinition of poetry that, by accepting the risks of confrontation with the referential, gives it the means to reappropriate its function of privileged intermediary with the world.


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