John Kinsella

Una poesia dantesca in chiave ecologica

  • Erminia Ardissino Università di Torino
Parole chiave: Dante, John Kinsella, Poetry, Ecology, Ethics


Among the many re-uses of Dante’s Comedy in contemporary artistic expressions (movies, music, novels, poetry) the essay presents John Kinsella’s trilogy, Divine Comedy. Journeys Through a Regional Geography (2008), On the Outskirts (2017), and Musical Dante (2021). Here Dante’s poem inspires an ecological poetry in defense of the multiplicity of life on our planet. The paper discusses why Dante inspires such a poetic discourse on one of the most topical and urgent problems. Presenting the similarities and differences between Dante’s and Kinsella’s poetry, evident in the structures and in the concept of Nature, it eventually indicates their profound affinity in the ethical sphere and regarding the focus on small territories as case studies for the entire world.


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