Special Issue

"Islamic Finance Role in the Time of COVID 19 Pandemic: The Way Out during and after Emergency"


 In recent times, COVID 19 has demonstrated its pandemic power (Bedford et al., 2020; Koonin, 2020). This adverse event includes unusual economic scenarios (McKibbin and Fernando, 2020).
At a time when many countries in the world are forced into periods of quarantine (Anderson et al., 2020), one wonders what the role of Islamic finance could be in countering the power of the pandemic. Furthermore, what role for Islamic finance in supporting the economies of the countries in which it operates.
Today, research in the Islamic context has initiated a profound discussion of the social instruments that the economic and financial sector can make available to the well-being of society (Almarri and Meewella, 2015). Sharia, that regulates all Islamic financial instruments and investments and its screening methodology, prohibits unethical businesses and practices that are similar to the negative screening methodology adopted by the socially responsible investment which makes both of them connected to Social Finance, however it has to move for taking steps towards positive screening not only negative screening of exclusion (Biancone and Radwan, 2019). From this, it emerges the need for highlighting the link between Islamic Finance and its role fighting COVID 19 pandemic.


Special Issue Guest Editors:

 * Dr. Maha Radwan, University of Turin

* Dr. Shoaib Ali Sha, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology

* Dr. Valerio Brescia, University of Turin


Editor in Chief:

Prof. Paolo Biancone , University of Turin


Published: 2020-12-31