The JLMI publishes three issues per year. Two are based on a call for papers. The other one is a special issue focused on international and comparative approaches to trade law. This issue particularly welcomes the best final dissertations and other contributions from the community of the UniTo-ITCILO Master of Laws in International Trade, but also welcomes submissions of any work related to international trade.

The JLMI also accepts submissions unrelated to the calls for papers, on a rolling basis, covering any area of the law connected to:

  • technological and social innovation
  • economics of innovation
  • market and financial regulation
  • economic and business regulation
  • trade and investment
  • international business
  • competition
  • intellectual property

JLMI only publishes articles in English. JLMI adopts the OSCOLA as a style reference. Once an article is accepted for publication, authors shall adapt their manuscript to this style reference (submissions are accepted even though manuscripts do not yet comply with such format). Following recommendations by the reviewers and upon evaluation of the Managing Board, authors may be required to subject their text to a professional linguistic review and proofreading.

The JLMI only accepts unpublished manuscripts. Prior publication in the form of a working paper or on SSRN is acceptable. The JLMI is made publicly accessible online according to the principles of Open Access, enshrined in the Berlin Declaration. Copyright is regulated under the Creative Commons Licences. Please note that by submitting your paper to JLMI, you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes. Authors are required to disclose if they have already submitted their article elsewhere, both in case of negative and pending reviews.

There are no submission fees, publication fees, or page charges for this journal.