Due maestri garibaldini di Mario Bonfantini: Ippolito Nievo e il nonno Gaetano

  • Carlo Bonfantini
Parole chiave: Mario Bonfantini, Gaetano Ferrari, Resistance


The contribution goes back to Mario Bonfantini’s literary production, highlighting how Bonfantini’s narrative inspiration comes from historical truth and personal experiences, especially from his participation in Resistance, which inspired the novel Un salto nel buio and the tales gathered in the collection La svolta, and from the memories of Garibaldi, that derive from the readings of Abba and Nievo and the stories of Gaetano Ferrari, Bonfantini’s grandfather, ex-fighter in the wars of the Risorgimento. 

Memoria - MARIO BONFANTINI (1904-1978) Un salto nella libertà