Bonfantini dallo studente allo studioso

  • Chiara Tavella
Parole chiave: Mario Bonfantini, Giambattista Marino, Ferdinando Neri


In October 1922, Mario Bonfantini matriculates in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Turin. The essay goes back to the stages of Bonfantini’s student career, through some sources kept at the Historical Archive of the University of Turin, highlighting his literary interests and rebuilding his relationship with the teachers Ferdinando Neri and Vittorio Cian, with whom he discussed a thesis on Giovan Battista Marino e il secentismo, later revised to be published in 1929 as an article in the magazine «La cultura» with the title Ritratto del Marino.

Memoria - MARIO BONFANTINI (1904-1978) Un salto nella libertà