Il carteggio fra Carlo Ignazio Giulio e Quintino Sella

  • Chiara Pizzarelli
Parole chiave: Correspondence, Giulio Carlo Ignazio, Sella Quintino, Scientific instruments, Technical schools.


The correspondence between Carlo Ignazio Giulio (1803-1859) and Quintino Sella (1827-1884), one of the most important protagonists of the Risorgimento, holds great importance for the history of the University of Turin, by shedding new light on their role in the scientific organization and their political involvement in the establishment of technical-scientific schools in Turin, the R. Istituto Tecnico (1852) and the R. Scuola di Applicazione per gli Ingegneri (1859). Interesting details emerge about the scientific collections of the institutions, such as the realization of geometric and crystal models and the purchase of engineering instruments. It also reveals the international relationships the two protagonists had with well-known scientists and instruments makers, mostly thanks to their travels and participation in international exhibitions.

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