Ricominciare sempre da capo

  • Lotte Dann Treves


From Augsburg to Munich, from Turin to London, and again to Rome, Paris, United States of America and Israel, this personal diary shows the life and the scientific career of Lotte Dann Treves.
After Hitler’s advent to power she sought refuge in Italy, arriving in Turin in September 1933, so as to complete her studies in Medicine. She became a pupil of Professor Giuseppe Levi, in the prestigious Institute of Anatomy at the Turin University where the Nobel prizes Rita Levi Montalcini, Salvator Luria and Renato Dulbecco began their research activity. Graduated in July
1938, she was expelled from Italy after the racial laws and went to England, where she worked as a researcher, first at Strangeways Research Laboratory, Cambridge, and later at Mount Vernon Hospital, London. In Cambridge she met and later married the antifascist Paolo Treves, journalist and writer. Together they returned to Italy and settled in Rome (1945). Lotte Dann Treves worked as a translator and collaborator in several national and international conferences until 1995, when she retired.
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