Da Studium conventuale a Studium generale. La scuola del convento di San Francesco di Chieri nel Quattrocento da scritture contabili minoritiche

  • Paolo Rosso Università degli Studi di Torino


This essay examines the contacts between the Studium conventualis of the franciscan convent in Chieri and the faculty of Theology of the University of Turin during the fifteenth century. Through the analysis of two account books of the convent of Chieri (1402-1430; 1472-1497) were investigated the composition of the community of Minors, the circulation of books in its various forms among the friars and the mutations of the Studium conventualis organization that followed the transfer to the University of Turin in Chieri (1427-1434). It was identified a significant expansion of the community of Minors and a remarkable articulation of teaching in it: several fratres who attended the conventual school graduated later at universities in the franciscan Province of Genova or, sometimes, in the theological faculty of Paris. The Minors of San Francesco in Chieri continued to play an important role in the intellectual formation of friars of the Custodia Pedemontis after the return of Studium generale in Turin.


History of the Universities; Faculty of Theology; Conventual School; Conventual Libraries; Convent of San Francesco in Chieri; Franciscan economic thought

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