Soglie autobiografiche: <i>Memorias habladas, memorias armadas</i> di Concha Méndez

  • Francesca Coppola Università di Salerno


Autobiographical thresholds: Memorias habladas, memorias armadas (1990) by Concha Méndez

The purpose of this work is to study the autobiography of Concha Méndez –Memorias habladas, memorias armadas (1990): an account of her life experience initially told orally to her niece Paloma and then transcribed by the latter in an attempt to redeem, to save from oblivion, not just a familiar figure, but one of the most unique female personalities from of the Generation of 27. The text –pervaded by interspersed stories, temporal comings and goings, multiple thresholds of memory– provides a peculiar testimony of the changes that cross the literature of the self in the 20th century. Changes that it is useful to investigate in order to probe, on the one hand, the role and status of the author as a literary subject and the secret intentions that are hidden, behind it, in the act of the referenced recounted speech; on the other hand, the degree of fiction orchestrated by the present narrator who, turning his gaze eye to the past, selects and assembles the subtle joints of his autobiographical enterprise.