JIHI 5(2016) n. 9

Editorial: What's in a CFP?

Manuela Albertone - Enrico Pasini

Call for papers and thematic issues, as we have often said, are the main instrument in this phase of the life of the JIHI to affirm the editorial line of the journal and to involve more scholars, both young and affirmed, in our collaboration networks. We are committed to regularly propose new challenges to the scholarly world on the themes of interidisciplinary history of ideas.

After “Erasmian Science” and “Gastronomy and Revolution”, the Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas will again issue a Call for Paper, for a special issue dedicated to the historical relations of philosophy and geography. It will be guest-edited by Ernesto Sferrazza Papa and our Simone Mammola, and appear end 2017.

So stay tuned, as they say, and wait for the new CFP in September!