JUNCO is a scientific journal on issues related to international development cooperation, with a particular focus on the role of Universities in its three tasks (research, education and third mission).

JUNCO’s promoters are the University and the Polytechnic of Turin.

The journal, born from concrete experiences of cooperation and networking between people, disciplines, universities and institutions of various kinds, aims at further promoting collaboration with several actors like the network of the University Coordination for Development Cooperation (CUCS), the Turin School of Development hosted by the UN Campus in Turin, the other actors of development cooperation (NGOs, local authorities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation), and the many partners of UniTo and PoliTo based in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Philosophy and goals

JUNCO aims at offering:

  • a place for scientific communication, reflexion and debate on the role of Universities in the context of development cooperation, taking into account the variety of performed activities “in”, “for” and “on” the development cooperation, inside and outside universities;
  • a place of debate among universities and with other international cooperation actors on current development issues;
  • a place where universities and their partners can showcase their research projects and activities 
  • a training ground for young researchers and an intermediate step between research reports and prestigious international publications.

Features of the journal

JUNCO publishes various kinds of papers: refereed scientific articles, debate notes (non-refereed), travel notes, books reviews, and also descriptions of projects, programs and activities. JUNCO can also publish monographic numbers presenting the research of centres and groups of the two universities.

The journal gives the possibility to publish in the language more relevant to the projects’ activities aims at a strong multimedia presence online and offline.