NGOs’ struggle between institutional emptiness and informations’ manipulation

  • Mohamed Alshaer


During the past few years, also due to the high speed of information flow, we have witnessed worldwide to an increasing wave of allegations and false accusations against civil society organizations and local/international non-governmental organizations. In fact, we are nowadays used to read about unrealistic cases of NGOs and CSOs linked to corruption, lack of transparency, bribery, incompetence as the events in the Mediterranean Sea may show. In this case, the inaction by governments in the face of such heinous crimes makes it difficult to believe in any declaration of "decisive struggle against trafficking, slavery or criminal traffic of migrants”, leaving the non-governmental actors alone to face this issue.

Actually, these are just some of the misrepresentations that the current populist rhetoric has been using to attack CSOs and NGOs.
PRIMA TAVOLA ROTONDA: International Cooperation: efficacy from transparency