New generation of CooperationS: learn from the past, build from the future

  • Margherita Gatta


Reflecting on the role of knowledge and cooperation throughout the years, we found ourselves questioning on the past approaches which led us to analyse the current trends and practices under the lens of the evaluation criteria not intended as a static concept, but as a dynamic incentive to build up a new generation of actors for development. Actors who need to be SMART, in a new interpretation. We will introduce a brief critical analysis of the most important steps in the past 70 years, which led to the current setting of development cooperation to reach a description of some of the current trends and tools, to finish with our own view on what is and should be important for development actors, beyond indicators and projects. We believe that building for the future is possible just by learning from the past. There is no intention of being comprehensive, but just to refresh vibrant hints, not just for our environment, but for anyone who is nourishing interests for the global situation.

SECONDA TAVOLA ROTONDA: Cooperating to know and knowing to cooperate