Immigrants in ELT Books

  • Nenad Tomović University of Belgrade
Keywords: immigrants, ELT books, English, multiculturalism


The aim of this paper is to provide a brief overview of how immigrants are depicted in modern ELT books and how frequently they appear in them. In order to address this issue we analyzed a random sample of most frequently used ELT books and briefly described immigrant-related content. Immigrants do appear in all books we analyzed, although there are certain differences in how frequently they appear and in the ways in which they are described. The only common feature of these books is that they offer almost identical pictures of modern society and multiculturalism.


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Author Biography

Nenad Tomović, University of Belgrade

Nenad Tomović, PhD is an Assistant Professor of English at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently working at the same faculty, where he teaches several courses. His areas of professional interest include translation, applied linguistics, languages in contact and sociolinguistics. He is one of the founders and editors of Communication and Culture Online (a peer-reviewed linguistics, communication and culture e-journal).

His major papers include ‘Morphological features of Slavicisms in English’. Image, Identity, Reality. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 97-106. ‘O adekvatnosti terminologije’ [‘On Adequacy of Terminology’]. Prevodilac 1-2/09. Udruženje naučnih i stručnih prevodilaca Srbije, 53-58, ‘Srbizmi u engleskom jeziku’ [‘Serbian Words in English’] in Savremena proučavanja jezika i književnosti, Vol. 1. Kragujevac: FILUM, 221-229, ‘Communicative Techniques in Large Classes’. Philologia 1, 31-39.


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