The Excavated Fragments from Qumran: Steps Toward A Reappraisal

  • Corrado Martone University of Turin
Keywords: Dead Sea Scrolls, Second Temple Judaism, provenanced archaeological artifacts, unprovenanced archaeological artifacts


After a brief survey of the early history of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery from the perspective of the provenance of archaeological artifacts, this article offers a table of the so-called “E” series fragments from Qumran, that is to say those PAM photos containing only fragments coming from controlled excavations.  What remains to be done is to identify each fragment of each text contained in the “E” series photographs.


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Author Biography

Corrado Martone, University of Turin
Corrado Martone, PhD (1995) in Jewish Studies, University of Turin, is Associated tenured Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature and Jewish History at the University of Turin. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Journal Henoch - Historical and Textual Studies in Ancient and Medieval Judaism and Christianity and Secretary of Revue de Qumran. Corrado has extensively written on Jewish history and literature of the Second temple period and on textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible. He is the author of the most complete Italian translation of the Qumran texts and of an Introduction to the Second Temple Judaism. He can be reached at:


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