Biographical and scientific notes about Mark Lidzbarski (1868-1928): A translation from Ludmila Hanisch, Aufzeichnungen von Mark Lidzbarski (1868-1928), edited by Pierre Motylewicz and Ute Pietruschka. Halle-Wittemberg: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothe

  • Marco Moriggi University of Catania


In 2015 Ludmilla Hanisch published a study featuring the outcomes of a survey she had conducted in the legacy of Mark Lidzbarski. This legacy is housed in the archive of the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft in Halle/Saale (Germany) and includes documents and evidence related to both the personal life and academic research of the renowned Semitist. In a terse and fluent style, the author provides an overview of the contents of the legacy interweaved with the life of Lidzbarski. The present translation aims at making this important contribution accessible to a wider audience and represents a tribute to the author, who passed away before it was published.


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Author Biography

Marco Moriggi, University of Catania

Marco Moriggi, Ph.D. (2003) Semitic Linguistics (Florence), is Associate Professor in Semitic Philology at the University of Catania. He has published on various Aramaic varieties, including Syriac. His latest titles include: Aramaic Graffiti from Hatra. A Study based on the Archive of the Missione Archeologica Italiana (with Ilaria Bucci, Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2019), “‘And the impure and abominable priests fled for help to the names of the devils.’ Amulets and magical practices in Syriac Christian culture between Late Antiquity and the modern world,” Hugoye 19.2 (2016): 371-384.