How much Arabic? The speech of second-generation Moroccan children in Turin

  • Giulia Ventura


This article provides an analysis of Moroccan Arabic-Italian codeswitching, starting from a selection of texts by a group of second-generation Moroccan children living in Turin. The aim of this research is to explore the language proficiency of second-generation children and to find out how much of their parents’ language actually remains in their everyday speech. In order to do so, codeswitched utterances will be interpreted both from a grammatical and a sociolinguistic point of view.


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Author Biography

Giulia Ventura

Giulia Ventura received her BA degree in Languages and Cultures

for Linguistic Mediation at the University of Salento; she continued her studies with a MA in Languages and Civilization of Asia and Africa at the University of Turin with a thesis on the language of the second-generation Moroccan children in Turin.

She can be reached at: