Interpunctive analysis in the interlingual subtitles of An (Kawase Naomi, 2015): a comparison between Japanese and three European languages

  • Francesco Vitucci Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University


This contribution investigates punctuation in the Italian prosubs of the Japanese feature film An (Kawase Naomi, 2015) by comparing it with the English and French versions in order to trace trends and points of contact between the three European languages and Japanese; in particular, the subject of the investigation will be the use of the full stop, comma and ellipsis. Contrary to expectations, punctuation has not always been the subject of in-depth investigations in the context of audiovisual translation studies since the phenomenon has often remained linked to idiosyncratic uses that are not always shared and shareable by broadcasters, subtitles and clients.


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Author Biography

Francesco Vitucci, Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University

Francesco Vitucci is Senior Assistant Professor of Japanese Linguistics at the Department of Languages, Literature and Modern Cultures of Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University. His main research topics are audiovisual translation, interlingual subtitling from Japanese, linguistic identity in audiovisual translation. Among his publications: Ciak! Si Sottotitola (2016), La Didattica del Giapponese attraverso la Rete (2013), La traduzione audiovisiva per le lingue extraeuropee (2021) and several essays on national and international journals.

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