Alle radici del dialogo tra curdi e turchi

  • Mirella Galletti


The present situation shows that the Kurdish question plays a crucial role in the area and remains a thorn for regional stability. Turkey still has not openly accepted that it is dealing with a Kurdish problem and is always fearful of seeking a social, economic and cultural solution for the Kurds. It is afraid that fundamental rights – warranted in actual fact under international agreements – would be considered concessions, leading to ethnic claims and ultimately the division of the country.
No party can contradict the principle of the indivisibility of the state, but the increased dissatisfaction among the business and middle classes concerning the war against the Kurds -it is the main drain on the economy - finally led them to speak out against the present state of affairs. Despite the many difficulties, some Kurds and Turks advanced the possibility of a political resolution of the Kurdish question. They published reports which gained considerable notoriety, arousing a great deal of controversy and criticism.


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