Il trascendentale, ovvero il rimosso della filosofia. Proposte per una terapia

  • Giovanni Leghissa Università degli Studi di Torino


In this paper I intend to reassess the relevance of transcendental philosophy for contemporary thought. The argument I aim at developing here is that transcendental philosophy has been suppressed and, accordingly, its upswing has therapeutic power over contemporary Western culture. Therefore, what is at stake here is not a mere revival of transcendental philosophy as it appeared throughout the history of modern thought (for instance from Descartes to Kant). Rather, putting into question the transcendental means taking seriously into account thinkers like Husserl, Lacan, Blumenberg, Luhmann, and Bourdieu, in order to become aware of the unavoidable interaction between transcendental and empirical subjectivity. As a result, the recovery of the transcendental does not entails any assumption of the subjectivity's priority; by contrast, it is to be developed as a critical enquiry about the subject's position towards knowledge and the set of dispositifs which legitimate practices of power.