Tempo e individuazioni tecnica, psichica e collettiva nell’opera di Simondon

  • Bernard Stiegler University of Kent


Simondon describes the technical object as something that aims at its own organization and individuation. A dynamic relation constitutes the terms put into relation in the movement of individuation of the technical object: accordingly, one can claim that this object is located in a transductive way. Transduction is a dynamic relation insofar as it constantly tends to unity. In another text Simondon describes psychosocial individuation in similar terms, namely as a transductive process based upon a preindividual element. Nevertheless, Simondon does not address the problem of the connection between these two phases of his work. Starting from Heidegger and Derrida, this text aims at demonstrating the priority of technique which, as an originary temporal difference, represents the horizon of all psychosocial individuations.