Sopravvivere. Per la biodecostruzione di Jaques Derrida

  • Francesco Vitale Università degli Studi di Salerno


The paper is devoted to the Derridian notion of “survival”.Throughout the analysis of the essay “Survivre” (1979) – a reading of Maurice Blanchot’s novel L’arrêt de mort -, it aims to show that this no- tion is the issue of the deconstruction of life/death opposition, begun in Freud et la scène de l’écriture (1965) and fully elaborated into the unpublished seminar La vie la mort (1974-1975). Derrida makes this notion clear focusing on the conditions of possibility of performative statements, as they appear in Blanchot’s novel.

A. L'impersonale. Oltre i confini del soggetto