L’ecosistema tra natura e cultura. Aeroplani, sistemi e mappe

  • Camilla Bernava Università degli Studi Roma Tre


Following Donna Haraway’s suggestion to interpret the ecosystem as a dense technoscientific semiotic-material object, this paper will analyze the history of the birth of the concept of “ecosystem” from a philosophical, scientific, political and technological perspective, showing the complex re-articulation of the nature/culture dichotomy that takes place within it. In particular, the ecosystem concept will be problematized from a situated epistemological framework addressing mainly three questions: which kind of events lead to the formulation of the ecosystem concept, how nature is conceptualized through it and what kind of relationship between humans and nature is implied in the constitution of the concept.

Biografia autore

Camilla Bernava, Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Dottoressa in Filosofia presso l’Università Complutense de Madrid (Spagna). Attualmente frequenta il Master in studi e politiche di genere presso l’Università di Roma Tre e si occupa di epistemologie femministe ed ecologia politica.