La sesta estinzione di massa

  • Massimo Sandal RWTH Aachen University


Mass extinction is when the referee blows the whistle: there is no objective definition of the term. Just as there is no precise discontinuity between background extinctions and mass extinctions, since there have been periods when biodiversity has declined more or less rapidly and profoundly (Wang 2003). However, it is accepted to identify five moments when there has been a particularly rapid and drastic decline in species diversity (Raup 1982), the last of which was the famous late Cretaceous extinction, 66 million years ago.

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Massimo Sandal, RWTH Aachen University

Scrittore e giornalista scientifico. Dal 2011 ha collaborato come science writer freelance per varie testate, occupandosi di pratica e sociologia della scienza, ma anche di crisi ecologica. Il suo primo libro è La malinconia del mammut (il Saggiatore, 2019).