The use of "ganz" in addressing emotions in the corpus "Emigrantendeutsch in Israel: Wiener in Jerusalem"

  • Carolina Flinz Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Manuela Caterina Moroni Università degli Studi di Trennt


The corpus Emigrantendeutsch in Israel: Wiener in Jerusalem includes interviews with so called “Jeckes”, Jewish women and man who were born and grew up in Vienna and left Austria to Mandate Palestine after the Anschluss, mostly without parents. The interviews cover the biographies of the speakers before, during and after emigration, their childhood and youth in Austria, their anti-Semitic experiences, their emigration experiences, their new beginning and their cultural reorientation. During the interviews participants mainly elaborate on emotions from the past. They sometimes explicitly address them by naming and describing them in the narrative, sometimes they are implicit and can also be detected through paralinguistic features. The present study complements the previous analysis of the emotion vocabulary with findings on a new topic, intensifiers, which has so far received little attention in research. In particular, we will carry out a corpus-based analysis of the intensifier ganz. Focusing on different language levels (mainly semantics, syntax, prosody and other paraverbal features) we will investigate its role in the description and expression of emotions.