An Itinerary among the Itineraries. Linguistic, Cultural and Literary Reflections of the Sephardic Diaspora

  • Paola Calef Universit√† di Torino


This article outlines a virtual research itinerary in the history and memory
of the Sephardic communities of Europe, as it emerges from the original papers that specialists from
different fields have contributed to the monographic section Reflections of Sepharad. Traces of the
Judeo-Spanish Presence in Modern and Contemporary Europe. The author highlights how the study
of Sephardic exile and its linguistic and cultural reverberation can be a contribution to the understand-
ing of modern and contemporary Europe as a whole.

Author Biography

Paola Calef, Università di Torino

Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne di Torino, Ricercatore TD di Letteratura Spagnola