Current Issue

No 15 (2021)
Published: 2021-06-20


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2021 Winter Solstice Special Issue: "Scientists moving between narratives towards an ecological vision"  

Giampietro, M. (2021) Implications of complexity theoryVisions for Sustainability, 16, 5995, 1-12.   [PDF]

Benessia, A. (2021) “I simply didn't think, ok?” Some reflections on the quality of scientific researchVisions for Sustainability, 16, 5766, 1-25.   [PDF]
Barbiero, G. (2021) Affective ecology as development of biophilia hypothesis. Visions for Sustainability, 16, 5575, 1-35.   [PDF]

More Visions Online

Ingaldi, M., Dziuba, S.T. (2021) Sustainable tourism: tourists’ behaviour and their impact on the place visited. Visions for Sustainability, 16, 5828, 1-31.   [PDF]

Kurniawan, E., Astuti, T.M.P., Syifauddin, M. (2021). Community participation in creating sustainable community-based tourism. Visions for Sustainability, 17, 5997, 1-17    [PDF]

Saleh, Y., Mahat, H., Hashim, M., Nayan, N., Suhaily, S., Ghazali, M.K.A., Hayati, R., Utami, R.K.S. (2021). The development of a construct in the heritage urban sustainability indexVisions for Sustainability, 17, 6082, 1-29  [PDF]

Piras, P.F. (2021). Return to forests. Therapeutic potential of woodland environments. Visions for Sustainability, 16, 5987, 1-8.   [PDF]