I care (my home)

  • Chiara Marchetti


To the question what is the effect of pro-environmental solutions on the well-being of the individual the answer is that there are different schools of thought in environmental psychology, but all tend to find objective solutions. In my reflection I would like to focus on the subject and its design choices aimed at the well-being of the HOME environment. Currently, attention to wellbeing leads to "green" design choices. But behind the word green different meanings are stratified. We move from Passive house, not necessarily using natural materials; to that Zero Impact with recycled materials, not always high performance; to the biomorphic design where the fruition is often tiring, to Feng Shui increasingly in vogue in the West and finally to the biophilic design. There are different ways to get to the living well, which certainly has objective characteristics, but often ignores the subjective principle of I CARE (MY HOME). I CARE (MY HOME) defines the path to be taken where each design choice is dictated by a different meaning that the subject attributes to it. In this sense, one's home becomes regenerative and creates well-being. A domestic environment without subjective meaning simply becomes a beautiful environment. Considering the objective parameters what creates the ideal environment? Space? Shape? Distribution? Natural materials use? What is more regenerative? The window on a real park or a poster with a coniferous forest or a poster of an Arizona desert? The conclusion is that although a house is "objectively correct" to be "perfect" it must be empathic with those who experience it.