Understanding interdisciplinarity through adriatic maricultures and climate change adaptation

  • Cécil J.W. Meulenberg
  • Shé Mackenzie Hawke
  • Irina Cavaion
  • Peter Kumer
  • Blaž Lenarčič


The consequences of accelerating climate change for land and sea biodiversity require innovative approaches to research. Interdisciplinary research serves to connect natural science, social sciences and humanities, technology, and engineering, as well as welcoming citizen scientists into the research environment. Interdisciplinarity is part of a developing innovative approach to research that emphasizes co-evolution of traditional sciences, with citizen science and participatory engagement in the realisation of research goals and the promotion of climate change mitigation strategies. In this article, through the example of shellfish maricultures we illustrate interdisciplinarity, particularly demonstrating how marine biology, health and well-being, social science and cultural geography come together at the interface between nature, culture, and climate change mitigation strategies.