New Visions (in press) - No 14 (2020)


Letter to Visions

Barlow, N., Hepp, C., Herbert, J., Rilović, A., Saey-Volckrick, J., Smessaert, J., von Andrian, N. (2020) A degrowth perspective on the coronavirus crisis. [PDF]

Original Papers

Di Carmine, F., Berto, R. (2020) Contact with Nature can help ADHD children to cope with their symptoms. A state of the evidence and future lines of research. [PDF]

Colombo, A.S., Berto, R., Ferrario, P., Toccolini, A., Larcher, F. (2020) Wildflowers in urban design: an exploratory research of preference in Italian adults. [PDF]

Asim, F., Rai, S., Shree, V. (2020) Biophilic Architecture for restoration and therapy within the built environment. [PDF]


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