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No 18 (2022) - "Critical issues for water sustainability and climate change" (Special Issue)
Critical issues for water sustainability and climate change
Published: 2022-12-21

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Chisika, S.N., Yeom, C. (2022). Citizen's willingness to pay for private forest certification in Kenya. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 6797, 1-34.    [PDF]
Berto, R., Barbiero, G., Salingaros, N.A. (2022) Biophilic design of building façades from an Evolutionary Psychology framework: Visual Attention Software compared to Perceived Restorativeness. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 7054, 1-34.   [PDF]
Yavas, V., Ozkan-Ozen, Y.D. (2022). Bibliometric analysis of the transformation in air logistics operations in terms of digitalization and sustainability. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 6991, 01-22.  [PDF]
Delgado Moreira, M.I., Vidal Zambrano, D.B., Delgado Villafuerte, C.R. (2022) Evaluation of the physical properties of banana pseudostem for textile application. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 7061, 1-26.    [PDF]
Shankar, A., Bukya, M. (2022) Decentralization to decarbonize the Indian economy. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 7153, 1-17    [PDF]
Vicente, M.M., Leitão, R., Quintino, V., Pombo P. and Rodrigues, A.M. (2022) Urban vegetable gardens as an environmental education tool for promoting primary school students’ engagement in EU Green Deal strategies. Visions for Sustainability, 19, 6994, 1-28.    [PDF]