Memoria - MARIO BONFANTINI (1904-1978) Un salto nella libertà

«Un’esperienza di vita associata». La forma romanzo nella riflessione di Bonfantini


Mario Bonfantini shows a great ability to think about the novel and the fiction of the twentieth century. He reflects in a balanced way, without the rigidity that characterizes other writers and critics and long-standing ideas systems. The essay identifies three significant moments about Bonfantini’s dynamic and open-minded reflexions on the novel. In the years of «Libra», he is interested in the nineteenth-century narrative, expecially in Nievo’s works and in genre of adventure novel. In a series of articles appeared on «Il lavoro», at the beginning of the 1930s, he studies the multiplicity of forms of the novel in the nineteenth century and in the twentieth century.

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Mario Bonfantini; Literary criticism; Theory of the novel

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