In margine all’esperienza della «Libra» diretta da Mario Bonfantini fra provincia ed Europa

  • Roberto Cicala
Parole chiave: Mario Bonfantini, La Libra, Poesia d’Accademia


The essay analyzes the cultural formation of young Mario Bonfantini and his inclinations at the time of his first appearance in the field of literature, focusing on his first literary and editorial experiences and his intellectual friendships. The appendix presents the introductory speech to the volume Poesia d’Accademia, which is the first Bonfantini’s literary appearance, the introduction to Vita, opera e pensieri di Ch. Baudelaire, that represents his debut in the field of literary criticism on the side of Frenchism and, finally, the programme published in the first issue of the magazine «La Libra», which was directed by him.

Memoria - MARIO BONFANTINI (1904-1978) Un salto nella libertà