Una questione politica: la celebrazione di Luigi Cibrario "maestro dell'ateneo torinese"

  • Pierangelo Gentile
Parole chiave: Luigi Cibrario, Monument, Celebration


What does the bust of Luigi Cibrario, who never was a professor, have to do with the rest of scholars present in the gallery of the University building? A wise person would perhaps answer with a political interpretation. The marble monument of Cibrario was inspired by a non-scientific need: the necessity of proving that the Risorgimento counted among its actors not only martyrs of patriotic battles but also scholars who fought the enemy with history. Cibrario, Piedmontese and moderate, demonstrated, by proving it, that the House of Savoy was a thoroughly Italian dynasty. He then gained a valid reason for standing among the most acclaimed ones: those who contributed to the nationalization of monarchy. Wether Cibrario’s thesis was scientifically correct, that is another question.

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